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PIC International 2016

PIC International - Surpassing Expectations

Brussels proves a great venue as more than 420 flock to the co-located PIC International and CS International Conference.

Conference Chair, Michael Lebby gives his thoughts on the conference.

"This was the first PIC International Conference, and it surpassed everybody's expectations, not only from the organisers perspective, but from the attendees, and my perspective as chairman of the conference. Over 200 delegates attended two days of jammed packed sessions on photonic integrated circuits (PICs) that spanned the whole value chain from wafers/materials, to devices, to modules, to systems, and finally to service providers, and in particular datacenters. With standing room only, and lots of extra seats brought to the conference room on the first morning, the atmosphere was at times electric. PIC themes addressed the incumbent technology InP, and thoroughly addressed challenges for new competition such as silicon photonics and polymer photonics.  Global sized service providers and optical network system companies gave very clear expectations of the need for PIC based technologies, while transceiver and module manufacturers, both international as well as start-ups presented the latest results in a field that is one of the most dynamic in the industry.

Technical areas addressed not only PIC technology choices: InP, Silicon photonics, polymer photonics, but explored scalability both to increase performance to 50Gbps and 100Gbps line rates, as well as decreased cost through more efficient PIC designs, packaging, and manufacturability.  New issues of designing PICs with simple packaging, athermal designs, fully electronic and photonics integration at the device level, and the use of electronic microwave/RF techniques were discussed, as well as addressing photonics foundry challenges both here in Europe as well as in North America.  Photonics foundries have recently received the attention of major governments around the world, and a dedicated session at the PIC International Conference reviewed opportunities for significant growth in this area. One of the most exciting sessions involved the improvements in PIC infrastructure for designing and manufacturing robust and reliable PICs using software tools for modeling, simulation, and production.  This was supported by many PIC talks that addressed PDKs and other metrics needed to quickly grow PIC markets. 

A number of speakers not only focused on the popular verticals of telecommunications and data communications, but also looked into medical, measurement, automotive, and other industrial applications for PICs.  Given the data reported at the conference, it is now expected that by the time the next year’s PIC International Conference arrives, there will be a number of new opportunities that will bring PIC production volumes up, which in turn will promote more aggressive pricing strategies.  

As Chairman, I gave a review of all of the speakers presentations at the end of each day.  Not an easy assignment given the excellent results of many of the speakers. Clearly, the impact for the PIC technology is exciting and not expected to wain in coming years. Although InP is the incumbent technology today, other technologies such as silicon photonics, and polymer photonics were seen to be all symbiotic with each other as the PIC based segment in the market place grows over the next decade.  

I look forward to an equally exciting 2017 PIC International Conference to follow this one in Brussels, Belgium."

For more information about PIC International Conference, and opportunities available for the 2017 events, contact Tel 0044 (0)2476 718 970.

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Day 1 - TUESDAY 1st March 2016

Start Finish Speaker Presentation title
08:00 08:50 REGISTRATION - including tea/coffee
08:50 09:00 HOUSEKEEPING - Michael Lebby, Conference Chair


09:00 09:20 Georg Roell, Ranovus Turning to quantum dot lasers for terabit communication?
09:20 09:40 Fang Wu, ArtIC Photonics
How far does monolithic integration go?
09:40 10:00 Gregory Fish, Aurrion Heterogeneous integration: creating photonic circuits for advanced systems-in-package
10:00 10:20 Shinji Matsuo, NTT Photonics Lab Excelling in the efficiency of lasers formed on silicon
10:20 10:40 William ring, BB Photonics High speed photonic integrated receivers for 100G and above
10:40 11:05 BREAK


11:05 11:25 Harald Bock, Coriant Silicon photonics in optical networking - yesterday's hype, today's reality, tomorrow's vision
11:25 11:45 Mohamed Osman, McGill University Photonic circuits enabling multi-dimensional IM/DD systems for short reach optical interconnects
11:45 12:05 Silvio Abrate, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella How can silicon photonics benefit optical access deployment? An example from the fabulous EU Project
12:05 13:25 LUNCH


13:25 13:45 Brad Booth, Microsoft
Lighting up the cloud
13:45 14:05 Di Liang, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Constructing very large scale PICs for data centres
14:05 14:25 Jason Orcutt, IBM Towards cost-effective 100 Gb/s optical transceivers
14:25 14:45 Craig Thompson, Finisar Creating the building blocks for better datacentres
14:45 15:05 Arlon Martin, Mellanox Technologies Using Silicon Photonics to support next-generation cloud computing, data center and high performance computing connectivity
15:05 15:25 BREAK


15:25 15:45 Le Binh, Wang Tao, Huawei A system-and-networking view on photonic integrated circuit technologies
15:45 16:05 Meint Smit, TU Eindhoven InP and silicon: a strong combination for integration of photonics and electronics
16:05 16:25 Martin Eibelhuber, EV Group Advanced wafer bonding techniques for photonic integration
16:25 16:45 BREAK - Following the break, the theme will be chaired by Jose Pozo, EPIC
16:45 17:05 Ronald Broeke, Bright Photonics
Selecting materials for PIC production
17:05 17:25 Martin Guy, Ciena Corporation
InP or Silicon Photonics or Both? Choosing the right material platform for the target application
17:25 17:45 Vincent Reboud, CEA-Leti A bright future for germanium-on-insulator wafers?
17:45 18:05 Martijn Heck, Aarhus University Hybrid and heterogeneous PICs for high performance applications
18:05 18:25 Michael Lebby, Lightwave Logic The potential of polymer photonics
18:25 18:30 DAY ONE CLOSING REMARKS - Michael Lebby, Conference Chair
18:40 Late Networking buffet and drinks

Day 2 - Wednesday 2nd March 2016

Start Finish Speaker Presentation title
08:00 08:50 REGISTRATION - including tea/coffee
08:50 09:00 HOUSEKEEPING - Michael Lebby, Conference Chair


09:00 09:20 Samuel Wang, Global Communication Semiconductors
Can foundries underpin the success of the PIC?
09:20 09:40 Katarzyna Ławniczuk, JePPIX
Accelerating photonic ASICs development
09:40 10:00 Philippe Absil, Imec Imec's flexible, state-of-the-art silicon photonics platform overview
10:00 10:20 Luc Augustin, Smart Photonics Enabling a broad range of applications with a generic integration platform on InP
10:20 10:40 René Heideman, LioniX LioniX: Aid the growth of photonics with the TriPleX integrated optics platform
10:40 11:00 BREAK


11:00 11:20 Pieter Dumon, Luceda Photonics Make photonic IC designers re-use 40 years of electronic IC design experience: challenges and opportunities
11:20 11:40 Niek Nijenhuis, PhoeniX Software Overview of the current status of photonic and electronic design tools and flows
11:40 12:00 Iñigo Artundo, VLC Photonics Outsourcing options and trends for the fabless development of PICs
12:00 12:20 Sean Anderson, CISCO Bringing first-time-right design to silicon photonics
12:20 13:20 LUNCH
13:20 13:40 Ignazio Piacentini, ficonTEC
Lowering the cost of PICs assembly and testing via advanced automation
13:40 14:00 Jonas Flueckiger, Lumerical
Towards an EPDA Design Flow
14:00 14:20 André Richter, VPI Photonics From circuit-level to mask layout and back – design, analysis and optimization of large-scale PICs
14:20 14:40 BREAK
14:40 15:00 Stefano Grillanda, Politecnico di Milano
Taking a close, damage-free look at the light in photonic integrated circuits
15:00 15:20 Giovan Battista Preve, INPHOTEC
Advanced silicon photonics packaging: challenges, trends, automation and the role of the Inphotec Photonics Technology Center
15:20 15:40 Chris Bower, X-CELEPRINT Heterogeneous integration of optoelectronic devices by micro transfer printing
15:40 15:45 CLOSING REMARKS - Michael Lebby, Conference Chair

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