Two days, five themes, over 30 inspiring presentations

The presentations will be grouped into five key themes which collectively provide complete coverage of the integrated photonics industry.

The PIC International team are currently in the process of securing the leading industry insiders to present at PIC International 2018.

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Speakers Include

Yvain Thonnart
Sasan Fathpour
Katharine Schmidtke
Sascha Geidel
Martin Schell
Milan Mashanovitch
Wim Bogaerts
Radha Nagarajan
Tan Yong Tsong
Weiming Yao
Yuichi Nakamura
Shinji Matsuo
Peter O'Brien
André Richter
Eric Mounier

 Conference Chair

Michael Lebby, Chair in Optoelectronics at Glyndŵr University, Board Director at Lightwave Logic Inc

Presently, Michael Lebby is driving new frontiers in the integrated photonics field as Board Director for Lightwave Logic, an integrated polymer photonics company in Colorado.  Dr Lebby is also part-time CEO of OneChip Photonics,  part-time chair of optoelectronics at Glyndwr University in Wales, UK as well as director of corporate relations at USC in Los Angeles.   In 2015, Michael has been focusing on InP based photonic integrated circuits (PICs), polymer modulators, and optoelectronic integrated circuits (OEICs) for the datacenter segment and has been involved in assembling California's proposal (via USC) to the Federal Government for an integrated photonics manufacturing institute. Michael helped achieve >$400M in matching funding and also synthesized the proposal's datacenter and integrated photonics roadmaps for the next decade.  In 2016, Michael will be helping Lightwave Logic drive their new polymer photonics PIC platform towards datacenter and telecom opportunities.

 Conference Programme Manager

James Tyrrell, Conference Programme Manager

James is the Editor of PIC International magazine and Conference Programme Manager for PIC International. He is a science and technology writer with more than 10 years of experience in covering research breakthroughs, emerging applications and their impact on the market. Previously, James has held editorial positions on a number of industry publications, including titles focusing on photonics, nanotechology and the commercialization of advanced materials. Before hanging up his lab coat for a career in journalism, he worked as a medical device engineer in the UK, measured the properties of nanobubbles in Australia, and built equipment in Germany that used part of a digital watch to look for faults in computer chips.

 Moving the data: PICs for cloud computing and telecoms


PIC opportunities for datacentres

Katharine Schmidtke - Facebook

Awaiting abstract.

Big data analysis - a golden opportunity for silicon photonics

Yuichi Nakamura - NEC Corporation

Awaiting abstract.

Data centre technology - the big PICture, opportunities for energy efficient photonics

Eric Mounier - Yole Développement

Awaiting abstract.

PIC evolution in fibre communications: Incumbent InP verses new platforms of polymer and silicon for 100 and 400G data rates

Martin Schell - Fraunhofer HHI

Awaiting abstract.

III-V photonic integrated circuits for telecoms and beyond

Weiming Yao - JePPIX/PITC

The generic foundry approach to photonic integrated circuits (PIC) has enabled easy access to PIC technology by lowering its entry and prototyping costs, therefore, leading to its adoption in many application areas. We focus here on the recent progress and the challenges of high-capacity WDM transmitters on III-V material for data and telecom that have been fabricated in such generic integration platforms. Furthermore, we outline the platform architecture of the next generation PICs that support extended scaling in device footprint and performance and at the same time assure a more intimate integration with electronics.

Massive array integration and the need for a holistic digital/analog optics/electronics co-design

Awaiting abstract.

 Refining the PIC: achieving the next milestone in performance

Coupling electronics and photonics – promising paths for device-makers to explore

Tan Yong Tsong - Institute of Microelectronics

Awaiting abstract.

Highly integrated silicon photonics to push PICs to the next level

Radha Nagarajan - Inphi

Awaiting abstract.

Silicon photonics beyond silicon-on-insulator - emerging solutions for integrated photonics

Sasan Fathpour - CREOL, The College of Optics & Photonics University of Central Florida

Awaiting abstract.

Integrating photonic building blocks towards complete electro-optical computing

Yvain Thonnart - CEA-Leti

Awaiting abstract.

Programmable photonic ICs: making optical devices more versatile

Wim Bogaerts - Ghent University

Awaiting abstract.

III-V membrane lasers on silicon for datacom and computercom applications

Shinji Matsuo - NTT Photonics

Awaiting abstract.

 PIC Design, simulation and packaging: a blueprint for future success

Presentation title to be confirmed.

André Richter - VPIphotonics

Awaiting abstract.

PIXAPP – Open Access Opportunities for Advanced PIC Packaging’

Peter O'Brien - Tyndall National Institute

Awaiting abstract.

 PIC horizons: new and emerging applications for integrated photonics

Low size, weight and power (SWaP) instruments for sensing applications - cutting edge PICs

Milan Mashanovitch - Freedom Photonics

Awaiting abstract.

Adding the ‘tech’ to biotech - opportunities for photonic integrated circuits

Sascha Geidel - Fraunhofer ENAS

Awaiting abstract.

*All speakers and presentations are subject to change.

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