Two days, five themes, over 30 inspiring presentations

Presentation at PIC International 2020 are grouped into five key themes which collectively provide complete coverage of the global photonics industry.

If you are interested in speaking at PIC International 2020, please contact info@picinternational.net or call +44 (0)2476 718 970.

2020 Speakers Include

Frank Tolic
Nikos Pleros
Henk Bulthuis
Sergio Nicoletti
Graham Reed
Ignazio Piacentini
Zhihong Huang
Mehrdad Ziari
Ted Schmidt
Michael Geiselmann
Pieter Dumon
Ruth Houbertz
Jochen Zimmer
Wade Appelman
Scott Jordan
Dongjae Shin
Eric Higham
Iñigo Artundo
André Richter
PICs Today − Datacom, Sensing & LiDAR

ON Semiconductor - Presentation Title TBC

Presented by Wade Appelman, VP of Marketing and Business Development, ON Semiconductor

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Automotive, LiDAR & MedTech – Providing access & experiences gained

Presented by Ignazio Piacentini, Director of Business Development, ficonTEC

Over the last 12 months ficonTEC has been involved in, or is directly responsible for developments that ease access for certain customers, and has gained valuable experience in, and insights into some of the currently topical segments. 

Plasmonics in CMOS foundries: a new toolkit for PICs

Presented by Nikos Pleros, Associate Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Awaiting presentation abstract.

PIC Manufacturing − TAP, Co-Packaging & Fab

Physik Instrumente - Title TBC

Presented by Scott Jordan, Head of Photonics, Physik Instrumente

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Cornerstone - Title TBC

Presented by Graham Reed, Cornerstone, University of Southampton

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Scaling up photonic integration: validating designs, chips and assemblies

Presented by Iñigo Artundo, CEO, VLC Photonics

Awaiting presentation abstract.

CEA - Title TBC

Presented by Sergio Nicoletti, Business Development Manager, CEA-Leti

Awaiting presentation abstract.

PIC Technology − Solutions, Analysis & Research

II-VI presentation title TBC

Presented by II-VI

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Low-cost powerful laser on silicon for LiDAR application

Presented by Dongjae Shin, Principal Researcher, Samsung

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Nanoscribe - Title TBC

Presented by Jochen Zimmer, Sales Manager, Nanoscribe

Awaiting presentation abstract.

PIC ROI − Quality Metrics & Scalability

Assessing the long-term growth and market potential for PICs in datacom, transport and networks

Presented by Eric Higham, Strategy Analytics

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Future and economics of PICs and PLCs in PON systems for data centre and mobile backhaul applications

Presented by Henk Bulthuis, Broadex Technologies

Awaiting presentation abstract.

PICs Vision − Evolution and Revolution

AIM's role in developing next-gen PICs and TAP manufacturing expertise

Presented by Frank Tolic, CMO, AIM Photonics

Awaiting presentation abstract.

InP PICs and their future network & market applications

Presented by Mehrdad Ziari, VP, Infinera

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Optical transceiver manufacturing in the electronics ecosystem – lessons learned and the road ahead

Presented by Ted Schmidt, Director, Optical Systems Technology, Juniper Networks

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Theme To Be Decided

Multiphoton Optics - Title TBC

Presented by Ruth Houbertz, CEO & Managing Director, Multiphoton Optics

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Synopsys - Title TBC

Presented by Synopsys

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Luceda Photonics - Title TBC

Presented by Pieter Dumon, Co-founder and CTO, Luceda Photonics

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Smart Photonics - Title TBC

Presented by Smart Photonics

Awaiting presentation abstract.

Lumerical - Title TBC

Presented by Lumerical

Awaiting presentation abstract.


Presented by Michael Geiselmann, Co-founder and Managing Director, LIGENTEC

Awaiting presentation abstract.

VPIphotonics - Title TBC

Presented by André Richter, General Manager, VPIphotonics

Awaiting presentation abstract.

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