Two days, 4 themes, over 30 inspiring presentations

Presentations at PIC International 2025 are grouped into 4 key themes which collectively provide complete coverage of the global photonics industry.

If you are interested in speaking at PIC International 2025, please contact or call +44 (0)2476 718 970.

Delivering more data: AI, machine learning and tomorrow's computing

The ever-increasing demand for more data is pushing current computing infrastructure to its limits. How is the PIC industry innovating to meet that demand and to accelerate new computing paradigms?

Optimising materials and architectures to progress PICs

Minimising loss, latency and power consumption, as well as expanding PICs' functionality, are essential for next-generation devices. Which platforms are the best fit for which applications? And are there integration techniques that can combine the advantages of different materials?

Advancing quantum 2.0 technologies with PICs

Integrated photonics offers a promising route for quantum computing, communications and sensing. Which approaches are in development to bring about the quantum era?

Harnessing PICs in healthcare, autonomous vehicles and beyond

PICs are a powerful and versatile technology; how might they help to transform healthcare, transport and other aspects of daily life?