PIC International 2024 Agenda

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Monday 15th April 2024 starting at 18:30 CET
18:30 Pre-conference networking drinks reception
Tuesday 16th April 2024 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments
08:50 Housekeeping by Michael Lebby and David Cheskis - Conference Chairs
PIC Packaging: Securing Optimal Integration and Performance
09:00 Electrooptic Glass Substrates for Photonic Packaging
Presented by Andreas Matiss - Corning
09:15 Industry proven Photonic Wire Bonds and Facet-Attached Micro-Optical Elements: from Telecom/Datacom to Quantum Applications
Presented by Philipp-Immanuel Dietrich - Vanguard Automation
09:30 Optimizing Cost and Scaling Efficiency in Swept Wavelength Testing for Alignment and Packaging of PIC
Presented by Matt Adams - VIAVI Solutions
09:45 Advancing Optical Testing for Photonic Integrated Circuits: From Prototype to Production Scale-Up
Presented by Ricardo Arias - Luna Innovations
10:00 Towards a Comprehensive, Multiphysics Design Solution for Co-packaged Optics
Presented by Ahsan Alam - Ansys Optics
10:15 Aligned additive microfabrication for advanced optical packaging
Presented by Jochen Zimmer - Nanoscribe
10:30 Morning Break
11:00 Breaking the barriers for high frequency packaging
Presented by Guillermo Carpintero - LEAPWAVE TECHNOLOGIES
11:15 Technology Developments & Equipment Concepts for Scaling Up Photonics Production for Datacenters
Presented by Malte Ennen - ficonTEC
11:30 As Photonics Applications Multiply, New Ways to Subtract Costs
Presented by Scott Jordan - Physik Instrumente
11:45 Advances in PIC Manufacturing for Sensing and Datacom Applications – All Thanks to Nanoimprint Lithography
Presented by Jonas Khan - EV Group
12:00 AIM Photonics Foundry providing Co-Process and Co-Development to Address Challenges in Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Packaging
Presented by David Harame - AIM Photonics
12:15 Impact of PIC device architecture and integration concept on packaging and assembly
Presented by Helen Waechter - Helbling Technik Bern AG
Advancing the Frontier of Photonic Integration: Challenges and Innovations in PIC Packaging
PHIX, Lightwave Logic Inc, Tyndall National Institute, and POET Technologies
Moderated by Jose Pozo, CTO at OPTICA
13:00 Lunch Break
Hybrid PICs: Pioneering New Frontiers in Photonic Integration Sponsored by OPTICA
14:15 Designing high power hybrid integrated tuneable lasers for automotive LiDAR
Presented by Ruud Oldenbeuving - imec
14:30 Advances in hybrid Silica-Nitride waveguides
Presented by Henk Bulthuis - Broadex Technologies
14:45 Unlocking the potential of hybrid/heterogeneous PIC design
Presented by Martin Fiers - Luceda Photonics
15:00 TFLN PIC Platform: Unleashing Monolithic power to Enhance Hybrid/Heterogeneous PICs
Presented by Hamed Sattari - CSEM
15:15 High speed, low power, tiny modulators in a polymer PIC platform are poised to enable 800G/1.6Tbps data communications, driven in part by artificial intelligence.
Presented by Michael Lebby - Lightwave Logic Inc
15:30 Advanced Photonic Integrated Circuit Testing: APEX Technologies’ solution for High Precision Optical Instrumentation
Presented by Tomy Marest - APEX Technologies
15:45 BTO-powered PICs for communication and switching
Presented by Cyriel Minkenberg - Lumiphase
16:00 Afternoon Break
16:30 Heterogeneous integration to capitalize on upcoming markets, the new IPSR-I global roadmap update
Presented by Peter van Arkel - PhotonDelta
16:45 Advancements in Optically Enhanced MEMS Inertial Sensors: Prototyping and Roadmap Challenges for Consumer Markets (Video presentation)
Presented by Lia Li - Zero Point Motion
17:00 Augmented Silicon Photonics for demanding Data Center and AI/ML network fabrics
Presented by Yannick Paillard - SCINTIL Photonics
17:15 Silicon-organic hybrid electro-optic modulators for next generation optical interconnects
Presented by Adrian Mertens - SilOrix
17:30 Heterogeneous Integration of Photonic Devices on Silicon
Presented by Jonathan Klamkin - UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara)
17:45 Photonic Integrated Circuits: Surface Coupling Lasers using InP as an integration platform
Presented by Bill Ring - Vector Photonics
18:00 Sputter deposited Al2O3: an ultra-low loss integrated photonic platform for broadband operation from the UV till the mid-IR
Presented by Sonia M. Garcia-Blanco - ALUVIA Photonics
18:15 Closing Remarks
18:20 Networking Drinks / Dinner Reception
Wednesday 17th April 2024 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments
08:50 Housekeeping by Michael Lebby and David Cheskis - Conference Chairs
Rapid Scaling: Foundries Fuelling PICs' Mass Production
09:00 A view from the Foundry: Silicon Photonics
Presented by Anthony Yu - GlobalFoundries
09:15 Low Loss Photonic Integrated Circuits: From Prototype to Volume
Presented by Michael Geiselmann - LIGENTEC
09:30 Silicon photonics for AI/HPC Optical Interconnects
Presented by Philippe Absil - imec
Power Efficiency: Minimizing Consumption in PICs
09:45 The evolving role of optics in AI Clusters
Presented by Vlad Kozlov - LightCounting
PIC Size and Simulation: Enhancing Design Efficiency
10:00 A perspective on recent trends in inverse design of integrated photonic devices and circuits
Presented by Wolfger Peelaers - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
10:15 Efficient design techniques for custom PDKs protecting your IP
Presented by Andrzej Połatynski - VPIphotonics
10:30 Morning Break
Accelerating PIC Adoption in Established Markets Sponsored by LioniX International
11:10 Design to Device: Accelerating PIC adoption by lowering entry barriers to turnkey photonic solutions
Presented by Amitesh Singh - LioniX
11:25 Transforming point-of-care diagnostics: The power of silicon plasmonic biosensors in the battle against acute infections
Presented by Dimitris Tsiokos - bialoom
11:40 Is integrated optics a perfect fit for next generation of Access Networks?
Presented by Prof. Dr. Antonio Teixeira - PICadvanced
11:55 Innovate with Confidence: Strategies for reliable PIC design
Presented by Ronald Broeke - Bright Photonics
12:10 Scaling photonic integration and packaging of hybrid multi-chip assemblies using 3D lithography
Presented by Dr. Laura Horan - Vanguard Automation
12:25 Opportunities for Photonics in Datacenter and High-Performance Computing (HPC) Infrastructure
Presented by Remco Stoffer - Synopsys
12:40 Lunch Break
13:55 Silicon Photonics Market and Applications: from Optical Transceivers to Emerging Uses
Presented by Eric Mounier - Yole Group
14:10 Semiconductorization of Photonics using Silicon Optical Interposer
Presented by Raju Kankipati - POET Technologies
14:25 Efficient Test of PICs for High-Performance Computing Applications
Presented by Daria Lavrova - Keysight Technologies
14:40 Revolutionizing Architecture and Components for New Generation Energy-Efficient High-Density Photonic Integrated Coherent Transceivers
Presented by Tomoyuki Akiyama - PETRA/Fujitsu
14:55 Opportunities and Challenges for Optics in AI Factories
Presented by Yannick De Koninck - NVIDIA
15:10 PIC Solutions for Established and Novel Optical Communication Applications
Presented by Mehrdad Ziari - Infinera
15:25 Opportunities for Silicon Photonics: Developments and Applications
Presented by James Falkiner - IDTechEx
15:45 Closing Remarks
Presentation times and order are subject to change. This agenda was last updated on 30 May 2024 at 4:30am.