PIC International 2023 Agenda

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Monday 17th April 2023 starting at 18:30 CET
18:30 Pre-conference networking drinks reception sponsored by EPIC
Tuesday 18th April 2023 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments
08:50 Housekeeping by Michael Lebby and David Cheskis, Conference Chairs
Hybrid PICs - Sponsored by Vanguard Automation
09:00 Heterogeneous photonic integration of InP on silicon
Presented by Martijn Heck - Eindhoven University of Technology
09:15 Advancements of 3D printed opto-mechanical structures for optical coupling using Two-Photon Polymerization
Presented by Jörg Smolenski - Nanoscribe
09:30 Tricks to mix PICs: How to realize hybrid Photonic IC design
Presented by Ronald Broeke - Bright Photonics
09:45 Enabling next Generation Photonic Integration and Packaging Solutions with Photonic Wire Bonding and Facet-Attached Micro-Lenses
Presented by Sebastian Skacel - Vanguard Automation
10:00 Hybrid integration and fiber-pigtailing for 3 µm SOI PICs
Presented by Timo Aalto - VTT
10:15 Morning Break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
10:45 High-volume scalability in cavity enhanced MEMS-PIC inertial sensors
Presented by Lia Li - Zero Point Motion (in collaboration with CORNERSTONE/Uni of Southampton)
11:00 Photonic IC Modules Outside the Telecom Window
Presented by Arne Leinse - LioniX International
Chip-scale packaging
11:15 Micro-optics for PICs…with Advanced Optomechanical Features
Presented by Wilfried Noell - SUSS MicroOptics SA
11:30 Scaling 3D laser lithography-based packaging of hybrid multi-chip assemblies from prototyping to volume production
Presented by Thorsten Mayer - Vanguard Automation
11:45 Novel fiber array alignment with core-based positioning control
Presented by Simone Cardarelli - MicroAlign
12:00 High yield & throughput in optical assembly by self-adaptive production
Presented by Colin Dankwart - ficonTEC
12:15 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
PIC Vision: Revolution and evolution - Sponsored by OPTICA
13:30 Technology & industrial leadership in PICs for Europe: Collective approach
Presented by Dr. Nilufar Bulut - PhotonDelta
13:45 Accelerating the path to integrated photonics-based quantum computers via EPDA
Presented by Ahsan Alam - Ansys
14:00 Energy-efficient integrated photonics for next-generation computing
Presented by Thomas Van Vaerenbergh - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
14:15 Photonic neuromorphic computing, prospects and requirements (Video presentation)
Presented by Bert Offrein - IBM
14:30 Next generation communication chips made from Pockels-enhanced PICs
Presented by Stefan Abel - Lumiphase
14:45 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
15:15 Quantum Dot Lasers on Silicon for Highly Parallel Data Transmission
Presented by Michael Davenport - Quintessent
15:30 Quantum computing, a strategic technology enabled by photonics
Presented by Amin Abbasi - imec
15:45 Plasmonic PICs: Believe in Your Silicon Photonics Platform But Never Stop Improving
Presented by Claudia Hössbacher - Polariton Technologies AG
Optimising PICs for optical wireless opportunities
16:00 Producing an integrated silicon photonics transceiver for 100Gbit/s transmission over 20km
Presented by Peter De Dobbelaere - Cisco
16:15 The Needs of Automotive and LiDAR for PICs
Presented by Bill Ring - Voyant Photonics
16:30 Photonic integrated circuits for solid-state LiDAR
Presented by Marcus Dahlem - imec
16:45 Closing Remarks
16:50 Networking Drinks / Dinner Reception - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
Wednesday 19th April 2023 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments
08:50 Housekeeping by Michael Lebby and David Cheskis, Conference Chairs
Scaling PICs in volume using foundries
09:00 Perspectives on silicon photonics foundry: a new era
Presented by Anthony Yu - GlobalFoundries
09:15 Low loss PICs: From fast prototyping to high volumes
Presented by Michael Geiselmann - LIGENTEC
09:30 Positioning electro-optic polymer modulators as an optical engine to extend data rate and low power performance for optical networking
Presented by Michael Lebby - Lightwave Logic Inc
09:45 Doing More with Less as a Photonics Manufacturing Strategy
Presented by Scott Jordan - Physik Instrumente
10:00 Flexibility and shorter changeover times in packaging
Presented by Niels Jansen - Etteplan
10:15 Integrated Photonic Packaging from prototype to production scale up
Presented by Jeroen Duis - PHIX
10:30 Morning Break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
11:00 Accelerating time-to-market through functional verification of PICs
Presented by Martin Fiers - Luceda Photonics
11:15 Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) – How to apply for PIC manufacturing and packaging?
Presented by Bernd Dielacher - EV Group
11:30 Application-specific PIC design – Acceleration and adaptation to custom processes
Presented by Andrzej Połatyński - VPIphotonics
11:45 Silicon Photonics Process Technologies Considerations for High Volume and Flexibility
Presented by Bowen Wang - Tower Semiconductor
12:00 Supporting Si Photonics versatility through application specific PDKs
Presented by Franck Ernult - Advanced Micro Foundry
12:15 Faster Development and Higher Production Output by Smart PIC Assembly and Test Automation
Presented by Kurt Hensen - Averna
State-of-the-art and future of Hybrid Silicon Photonic Foundries
GlobalFoundries, Tower Semiconductor, and VTT
Moderated by Jose Pozo
13:00 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
Driving deployment in established markets
14:00 PIC testing optimization as a crucial step for PIC technology deployment
Presented by Daria Lavrova - Keysight Technologies
14:15 Integrated Photonics in Precision Farming
Presented by Carol de Vries - PhotonDelta
14:30 Design of 3D heterogenous chips and systems for optical datacom and I/O
Presented by Twan Korthorst - Synopsys
14:45 Can PICs fit into access networks?
Presented by António Teixeira - PICadvanced
15:00 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Lightwave Logic Inc.
15:30 Advancements in Optical Engines Based on Monolithically Integrated InP Photonic Chips
Presented by Mehrdad Ziari - Infinera
15:45 Accelerating high-speed electro-optical interconnects utilizing Silicon-organic electro-optic modulators
Presented by Adrian Mertens - SilOrix
16:00 Optical Interconnects for Advanced Packaging Glass Substrates
Presented by Andreas Matiss - Corning
16:15 Market and technologies trends for PICs
Presented by Eric Mounier - Yole Group
16:30 Closing Remarks
Presentation times and order are subject to change. This agenda was last updated on 29 May 2023 at 10:57pm.