PIC International 2021 Agenda

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Monday 8th November 2021 starting at 14:00 BST
14:00 PIC Pilot Lines Conference (Click to view)
18:30 Pre-event Networking reception supported by IQE and EPIC. This is open to all delegates, speakers and sponsors of the PIC Pilot Lines, CS International, PIC International and Sensors International conference. Nibbles, drinks and refreshments will be provided.
Tuesday 9th November 2021 starting at 08:00 BST
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Michael Lebby and David Cheskis
PICs Today − Datacom, Sensing & LiDAR
ommatidia lidar, EPIC, Ibeo Automotive Systems GmbH, and Freedom Photonics
09:30 Simplifying the LiDAR User Experience with SiPM Evaluation Kits and Reference Designs
Presented by Bahman Hadji - ON Semiconductor
09:45 Beyond communication, silicon photonics is penetrating consumer and automotive
Presented by Eric Mounier - Yole Développement
10:00 Presentation Title to be Confirmed
10:15 Novel electro-optical substrate enabling cost effective PIC assembly solutions for sensor and communication applications
Presented by Nikolaus Floery - Vario-optics
10:30 PICs for data-center interconnects
Presented by Benjamin Wohlfeil - ADVA Optical Networking
10:45 Integrated 4D Machine Vision
Presented by Mehdi Asghari - SiLC
11:00 Morning Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
11:30 Hybrid Photonic Integration for Sensing and Communications
Presented by Martin Schell - Fraunhofer HHI
11:45 Automotive, LiDAR & MedTech – Providing access & experiences gained
Presented by Moritz Seyfried - ficonTEC
12:00 Presentation Title to be Confirmed
12:15 Silicon Photonics for automotive LIDAR applications
Presented by Robert Blum - Intel
12:30 An overview of a variety of cutting edge PICs for sensing applications
Presented by Paul Leisher - Freedom Photonics
12:45 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
14:00 Plasmonics in CMOS foundries: a new toolkit for PICs
Presented by Nikos Pleros - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
14:15 Unified E/O co-design for Datacom, Sensing & LiDAR
Presented by Twan Korthorst - Synopsys
14:30 Integrated Photonics for quantum applications: Si & SiN photonics
Presented by Christian Haffner - Imec
PIC Manufacturing − TAP, Co-Packaging & Fab
14:45 Si-Based Photonic platform at CEA – Leti
Presented by Sergio Nicoletti - CEA-Leti
15:00 Low loss PICs: from fast prototyping to high volumes!
Presented by Michael Geiselmann - LIGENTEC
15:15 Silicon nitride based TriPleX™ modules with hybrid PIC integration
Presented by Arne Leinse - LioniX International
15:30 CORNERSTONE – The scalable rapid prototyping platform
Presented by Graham Reed - Cornerstone, University of Southampton
15:45 Scaling up photonic integration: validating designs, chips and assemblies
Presented by Iñigo Artundo - VLC Photonics
16:00 Spectral characterization: challenges, solutions and the future of PIC optical testing
Presented by François Couny - EXFO
16:15 Indium Phosphide light sources for Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuits
Presented by Andrew McKee - Sivers Photonics
Does volume drive photonics integration?
Bill Ring, EFFECT Photonics, Yole Développement, AEPONYX inc, Luxtera, and Intel
17:00 New Photonics Applications, New Challenges, Old Patterns
Presented by Scott Jordan - Physik Instrumente
17:15 The new positioning stage for multi-fiber micro-alignment
Presented by Simone Cardarelli - MicroAlign
17:30 PIC Industry Awards 2020
17:50 Networking Drinks / Dinner Reception
Wednesday 10th November 2021 starting at 08:00 BST
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Michael Lebby and David Cheskis
PIC Technology − Solutions, Analysis & Research
09:00 Cost-effective high-power laser-on-silicon technology for LiDAR applications
Presented by Dongjae Shin - Samsung
09:15 Photonics Then & Now; Why Now But Not Then?
Presented by David Banas - Luminous Computing
09:30 Additive microfabrication for optical packaging
Presented by Jochen Zimmer - Nanoscribe
09:45 Design, modeling and simulation for the imperfections of real life
Presented by Greg Baethge - Lumerical
10:00 Morning Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
10:30 Coherent vs. Direct-Detection: Market Forces Shaping PIC Technology Beyond 400 G
Presented by Vipul Bhatt - II-VI
10:45 Coping with the diversity of technologies and applications in CAD environments
Presented by André Richter - VPIphotonics
11:00 OptiSPICE Plugin: A SPICE Native Optical Model Library for Opto-Electronic Design Automation
Presented by Cem Bonfil - Optiwave
PICs Vision − Evolution and Revolution
11:15 AIM's role in developing next-gen PICs and TAP manufacturing expertise
Presented by Frank Tolic - AIM Photonics
11:30 Accelerating the integrated photonics industry, the Dutch way
Presented by Erik van Oorschot - PhotonDelta
11:45 Elenion Technologies - Presentation Title TBC
Presented by Michael Hochberg - Elenion Technologies
12:00 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
13:15 Presentation Title to be Confirmed
13:30 Integrated photonics for neuromorphic computing
Presented by Bert Offrein - IBM
13:45 Optical transceiver manufacturing in the electronics ecosystem – lessons learned and the road ahead
Presented by Ted Schmidt - Juniper Networks
14:00 Increasing power efficiency with Electro-optic (EO) Polymers
Presented by Michael Lebby - Lightwave Logic Inc
14:15 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise
PIC ROI − Quality Metrics & Scalability
14:30 Invest in your design flow
Presented by Martin Fiers - Luceda Photonics
14:45 Presentation Title to be Confirmed - Smart Photonics
Presented by Luc Augustin - Smart Photonics
15:00 Future and economics of PICs and PLCs in PON systems for data centre and mobile backhaul applications
Presented by Henk Bulthuis - Broadex Technologies
15:15 Assessing the long-term growth and market potential for PICs in datacom, transport and networks
Presented by Eric Higham - Strategy Analytics
15:30 Closing Remarks
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