PIC International 2022 Agenda

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Monday 27th June 2022

18:30 - 21:00 Pre-conference networking drinks reception, organised by AngelTech and EPIC
Tuesday 28th June 2022 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Conference Chair
Refining and streamlining PIC production
09:00 The value of the fab in the PIC industry
Presented by Eric Higham - Strategy Analytics
09:20 Fully integrating lasers, modulators, and photodetectors with standard silicon photonic fabrication
Presented by Sylvie Menezo - Scintil Photonics
09:40 The role of PICs in the data communication roadmap
Presented by Jim Theodoras - HG Genuine
10:00 Wafer-level Nanoimprint Technology for Innovative Packaging of Photonic Integrated Circuits
Presented by Andrea Kneidinger - EV Group
10:20 Perspectives on the future of Silicon Photonics
Presented by Eric Mounier - Yole Développement
10:40 Morning Break - Sponsored by Synopsys
11:10 Seamless PIC testing capability: moving from lab to production
Presented by François Couny - EXFO
11:30 Edge coupled electro-optical PIC testing on wafer level
Presented by Moritz Seyfried - ficonTEC
11:50 Integrating chip design and simulation environment for photonic integrated circuits
Presented by Cem Bonfil - Optiwave
12:10 Interoperable Software Tools for the Photonic Design Workflow
Presented by André Richter - VPIphotonics
12:30 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Synopsys
13:45 Photonics Design IP: Challenges & Opportunities
Presented by Martin Fiers - Luceda Photonics
14:05 Yield improvement techniques in the manufacturing of AWG (cascade) PLC
Presented by Henk Bulthuis - Broadex Technologies
14:25 State-of-the-Art Electronic-Photonic Design Automation
Presented by Xu Wang - Ansys
14:45 Photonics Design IP: Challenges & Opportunities
Presented by Martin Fiers - Luceda Photonics
Optimising the architecture
15:05 Hybrid Integration Platform for Co-Packaged Photonics Using POET’s CMOS Based Optical Interposer
Presented by Suresh Venkatesan - POET Technologies
15:25 Advancing SOI technology for datacentre transceivers and sensing applications
Presented by Corrado Sciancalepore - Soitec
15:45 Afternoon Break - Sponsored by Synopsys
16:15 Targeting emerging markets with the CORNERSTONE platform
Presented by Graham Reed - Cornerstone, University of Southampton, and Lia Li - Zero Point Motion
16:35 Improving optical coupling in PIC and Hybrid Photonic Packaging with Aligned Two-Photon Lithography
Presented by Joerg Smolenski - Nanoscribe
16:55 Low Loss Photonic Integrated Circuits: Every Photon Counts
Presented by Michael Geiselmann - Ligentec
17:15 Enabling lower power consumption optical networking using high speed, low power polymer modulators
Presented by Michael Lebby - Lightwave Logic Inc
17:35 TBA
Presented by Name to be advised - Ayarlabs
17:55 Ramping production capacity of low-loss lithium niobate on insulator PICs for electro-optic and nonlinear applications
Presented by Amir H. Ghadimi - CSEM
18:15 Closing Remarks
18:20 Networking Drinks / Dinner Reception sponsored by Synopsys
Wednesday 29th June 2022 starting at 08:00 CET
08:00 Registration and welcome refreshments.
08:50 Housekeeping by Conference Chair
Optimising the architecture
09:00 Tuneable lasers for communications and emerging applications
Presented by Dr. Brian Sia - CompoundTek
09:20 Crosstalk-Free 32-ch DWDM Demultiplexing on Standard Si PIC Platform
Presented by Dr. Tomoyuki Akiyama - Fujitsu
09:40 The best of both worlds: Advances in hybrid low-loss PICs
Presented by Arne Leinse - LioniX International
Driving deployment in established markets
10:00 E-O-E Co-design using customizable IP for High-Performance Computing Data Centre Interconnects
Presented by Twan Korthorst - Synopsys
10:20 Building biochips for rapid diagnosis of severe infections
Presented by Dimitris Tsiokos - bialoom
10:40 Design and Integration of Photonic and Electronic Integrated Circuits for High-Speed Wireline Transceivers
Presented by Peter Ossieur - IMEC
11:00 Morning Break - Sponsored by Synopsys
PIC Vision: Revolution and evolution
11:30 Hybrid polymer integration for communications, sensing and quantum technologies
Presented by Moritz Kleinert - Fraunhofer HHI
11:50 Hybrid III/V-on-Si memristive optoelectronic devices for integrated photonic neuromorphic computing
Presented by Bassem Tossoun - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
12:10 The next wave for integrated photonics: PhotonDelta in a Pan-European value chain
Presented by Nilufar Bulut - PhotonDelta
12:30 Photonic Integrated Circuits for Spaceborne Lidar Remote Sensing
Presented by Jonathan Klamkin - USCB (University of California Santa Barbara)
12:50 Global PIC opportunities until 2030 and beyond
Presented by Thierry Robin - Tematys
13:10 Lunch Break - Sponsored by Synopsys
14:25 200/300mm photonic technology leading AR/VR, Quantum and Bio applications, why?
Presented by Amin Abbasi - imec
14:45 Photonics for neural network inference and training
Presented by Bert Offrein - IBM
15:05 PIC to module : second step towards chip-scale LiDAR
Presented by Dongjae Shin - Samsung
15:25 Targeting terahertz communication: Combining microwaves and photonics
Presented by Guillermo Carpintero - Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
15:45 Anello Photonics - siliconizing the optical gyro
Presented by Avi Feshali - Anello Photonics
16:05 Closing Remarks
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